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  • Do you have the right to repair my device?
    If you own the machine; YES. By cons, a device that is rented or is currently under manufacturer's warranty is normally the responsibility of the latter. It is better to deal with it. It's like a new car. When it fails it is better to go to the dealer for the repair is covered under warranty. When the warranty has expired, you are free to go whereever you want.
  • Are you certified by the manufacturers to repair their devices?
    NO. None of the manufacturers allow an independent company to repair the equipment they manufacture. This is ONLY given to the service center of the manufacturer. With this, we can repair ALL brands and charge a fair price for our services. We are governed by a charter price. NOTE: Laser Medical Canada is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any of the laser manufacturers listed in our website. Any logos and trademarks of third parties that may be found on our website are registered trademarks of their respective owners. The use of any trademark is for identification and reference purposes only and does not imply any association with the trademark holder.
  • But how do you get parts for repairs?
    Since manufacturers do not allow us to repair their devices so they do not sell us the parts. Fortunately, the manufacturer of your machine is not the manufacturers of the parts. Diodes, crystals, lenses, transformers, lamps, cooling chambers and finally all the parts required in the operation of the laser, which may be lacking are available on the market.
  • How long it takes to repair my medical laser?
    It takes 5 working days to make an assesment of service. Upon your acceptance, it takes 5-10 days to receive the necessary parts and for all repairs to be completed.
  • Will you come and fix my laser in our clinic?
    YES it is always possible. Moreover, it is often necessary to move for intervention. According to the error code displayed on the device, we can determine the likely reason of the failure. But it is the repair diagnosis that will tell us what really is malfunctionning with your device. It is unlikely to restart the device the same day. It is easier to work in our workshop and therefore have a faster turn around. This will be less costly for the customer.
  • Is an IPL device like a Laser?
    NO. IPL means "Intense Pulsed Light", while the laser is the amplification of light created from electromagnetic stimulation. Repairing a Laser is different. We are able to repair both Laser and IPL devices.
  • With the repair of an IPL or Laser last just as long as the purchase of new device?
    YES. In some cases even longer because the parts manufactured today are of better quality than those made 5 years ago. In addition, to monetize a new machine requires a larger customer base to work with a reconditioned machine. During difficult economic times it is much more cost effective to repair than to buy brand new.
  • Why the manufacturer does not allow you to service on my device?
    Because after-sales service for manufacturers is a source of revenue. This lucrative economic activity is entrusted to the dealer network. This ensures the dealers will have a constant source of revenue. Our business due to interference pricing structures set up by the manufacturers and their networks of resale.
  • Under what conditions is it better to deal with the manufacturer for my device?
    If the device is yours you can ask for two service offerings. A manufacturer to another and Laser Medical Canada. You will see a difference! By cons, if your unit is rented or is currently under manufacturer's warranty, it is better to deal with the manufacturer. A product under warranty will cost you nothing in compensation.
  • Is it not so risky to entrust the repair of my laser to your business?
    NO. No compensation shall be undertaken until 100% of the parts are purchased and received. Once all the elements are available in our shop, we can begin the repairs.

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