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Laser Medical Canada is your best choice for Deka laser repairs, sales and maintenance. We repair Deka power supplies, Cpu errors, water flow errors, water leaks, calibration errors due to low efficacy, bad fiber transmission, Articulated arm alignment procedures etc. we can fix laser not turning on or noises coming from your laser. We understand that your machines are the main source of your business and need to be working properly as quickly as possible. If there is any we can help your practice we are happy to assist.


Typical Deka Laser Repairs:
  • Water flow sensor repair or replacement

  • Water leak repair

  • HR replacement

  • Water pump repair or replacements

  • Laser rail alignment

  • Pockells cell replacement

  • Alexandrite rod resurfacing or replacement

  • Laser head rebuild or replacement

  • Articulated arm alignment

  • Co2 Tube replacement

  • Heater module

  • DI filters

  • LCD Screens

  • System preventative maintenance

  • Capacitor replacement

  • Cpu Board

  • HVPS issues

  • User button interface issues

  • PFC boards

  • Laster flow tube replacement

  • Flashlamp replacement

  • OC replacement 

  • Cal Port window replacement

Deka lasers We Service:
  • Synchift

  • Mona Lisa Touch

  • Triactive

  • Smartepil

  • Smartepil II

  • Dot co2

  • Synchro Replay

  • SmartXide

  • Duolite Qs


     90 day warranty on all serviced equipment.










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