Cutera Services

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Common errors:


  • Power inefficiency

  • Flash lamp failure

  • Calibration errors

  • Water flow errors

  • Broken parts, and many more


Preventative Maintenance:


  • Replacing filters

  • Checking for damaged parts

  • High pressure de-dusting

  • Testing power efficiency

To ensure your daily used equipment is constantly functioning efficiently, we highly recommend your machines and hand pieces receive 2 preventative maintenance services done a year. This service will reduce the risks of incurring errors and failures on your equipment that could lead to costly repair services.

Handpiece Repair:


  • Replacing the flash lamp and seal kit

  • Testing and cleaning the cooling system

  • Polishing the crystal

  • Resetting the pulse count (some makes)

  • Calibrating and verifying the output energy

  • Replacing cover shell (optional)

  • Replacing the crystal glass (optional)


     90 day warranty on all serviced equipment.

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