2007 Profile For $43,000


PROFILE is the first future-ready system, so forget about obsolescence. It will pay for itself many times over. PROFILE is durable and designed to operate 24/7 with no consumables or on-going costs. When you configure PROFILE to match your practice you will enable the highest return on your investment, and you have the flexibility to offer your patients the optimum treatment, whatever their needs are. A simple pro forma analysis will show you that PROFILE can generate substantial income for you and your practice, and provide the greatest value for your patients. A four-module PROFILE can be configured to perform a greater variety of applications than three or four other systems, and at a fraction of the cost. PROFILE’S versatility means that it will be in demand in your practice, and will quite likely be your busiest piece of equipment. And, it is designed to be busy. Sciton can help you arrange a lease of your PROFILE tailored to your needs, from 12-month to 84-month terms, and options to defer the first payment so you can generate income from