Palomar LUX-2940

Palomar LUX-2940


The LUX-2940 is a fractional ablative laser handpiece for single treatment of wrinkles. 


Ablative Fractional resurfacing is a treatment for fine and deep wrinkles, scar revision and superficial skin lesions. Primarily used for correction of moderate to deep wrinkles, this laser delivers microfractional columns of laser light to the top layers of the skin. When compared to traditional carbon dioxide (CO2) laser resurfacing, this laser produced similar results with much less downtime and produced impressive changes in skin texture, removal of wrinkles, dark (sun) spots, and abnormal skin coloration.

  • Product Specifications


    2940 nm


    Pulse Width

    .25, 3, 5 ms


    Spot Size

    6x6,10x10 mm


    Optic Silver Energy (Groove Optic)

    2 - 5.5 mJ/0.1 mm


    Optic Purple Energy (Flatbeam)

    2 - 4 J/cm2


    Optic Blue 450 fractional Energy

    3 -9 J/cm2


    Optic Green 1200 fractional Energy

    8 - 24 mJ


    Optic Red 140 fractional Energy

    3 - 9 mJ


  • Manufacturer Notes



    Sophisticated, single-treatment fractional ablative laser handpiece for wrinkles and textural irregularities. The unique Groove™ Optic pattern offers high ablative coverage with fast recovery and minimal downtime.rd in laser hair removal.