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The LUX-1064 handpiece offers permanent hair reduction on skin types V and VI. Also treats leg veins.


Warranty 100,000 shots (Prorated).

  • Product Specifications

    Light Source

    Professional Xenon Lamp - Intense Pulse Light

    Integrated Skin Cooling

    3 Cooling Systems - Water Cooling, Air Cooling, and Semiconductor- 2 extra large fans on the sides and 3 medium fans on the back to cool down electronics, a water tank and 2 radiators to cool down the unit and handpiece, and 2 semiconductors to cool down the crystal(s).


    4 Crystals Standard - 420-1200 nm, 510-1200 nm, 560-1200 nm, 640-1200 nm; Up to 6 Crystals Available

    Output Wave Range

    420-1200 nm (Standard), 350-1200 nm (with additional handpeice and applications)

    Output Light Spot Size

    8 x 40 mm2


    Handpiece Trigger and Footswitch


    Stand on Wheels with Drawer

    Energy Density

    0 - 50 j/cm2

    Pulse Sequence

    2, 3, 5


    0.3 - 1 HZ

    Pulse Width and Delay

    5-60 ms (D) and 2-15 ms (W) (Standard), Up to 20 ms (W) (with additional handpiece and applications)

    Repeat Frequency

    1/2/3 Hz

    Integrated Skin Cooling


    Electrical Requirements

    220V or 110V, 15 a or 16a


    800 W (Standard), 1100 W (with additional handpiece and applications)

    Net Weight

    25 kg, 52 lbs (Machine Only)

  • Manufacturer Notes


    Standard Handpiece Applications:


    Hair Removal

    Skin Rejuvenation/Wrinkles


    Vascular/Spider Veins, Varicose Veins Smoothing

    Acne, Breakouts


    Additional Applications Available with 2nd Handpiece:


    Cellulite Reduction

    Skin Tightening

    Deep Skin Tightening


    Intense Pulsed Light Laser: Powerful, user-friendly machine, comes with integrated breaker to prevent power surge. Designed for patient comfort, can use 2 handpieces for multiple treatments.





    An optional oversized 15x50mm handpiece is available for Hair Removal treatments only.


    Unlike major Canadian competitors, our company philosophy is to provide our customers with the most complete aesthetic solution.





    Laser Medical Canada is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Medicam or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. Any logos and trademarks of third parties that may be found on our website are registered trademarks of their respective owners. The use of any trademark is for identification and reference purposes only and does not imply any association with the trademark holder. Laser Medical Canada guarantees all of our products to be of highest quality at very competitive prices.

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